Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I cannot believe I am finally doing this

You know those moments when you are looking at other peoples book reviews and those shiny  advanced reader copies and you think that "Hey! I could totally do that."

I have thought that about 2 + n (add a number you think explains the gravity of the situation) times. I even might have set up a blog once or twice. Then I decide that there is so much to do and I will do my first proper review tomorrow. In that wondrous land where we all start that diet, do our homework and clean that bedroom. But the joke is on tomorrow today because I am doing this. Try and stop me! Mwhahahha...

Following this introduction there will be a review of the last book that I finished. I aim to review something once a week. As you can see from the picture below I have material to work with. This is the bookshelf that I put together at 1AM (much to the joy of my neighbours) on a warm August night this year. At the moment that picture was taken I had been living in the UK exactly 1 year. And I came here with one book. (For the curious ones it was Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone). I have read my fair share of these books but there are so many more to go.  Here is to hoping that I will read all these books but never catch up with my ever growing bookshelf.


 This rant has been brought to you by your Book Mistress for the day
- Linda.

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